Monday, June 6, 2011

Review: Paddle Monster DVD

Pros: Paddle Monster is a kid friendly and fun DVD.  It succeeded in holding the attention of kids and made them eager for their own first paddling experience.  

Cons: White water kayaking, and maneuvers like the seal launch which are shown in the movie are too advanced for the target audience - newcomers to paddling. 

Summary:  Paddle Monster is a fun and informative introduction into padding sports.  It is an exceptional tool for parents or instructors to acquaint kids with the many aspects of kayaking and canoeing.  

Purchase it here for $16.95.

Full Review:
Kayaking and canoeing are rapidly gaining popularity as wonderful outdoor activities for the whole family.  Our family is relatively new to kayaking so we were delighted to check out this Paddle Monster DVD.  The DVD has two parts.  The section for parents offers valuable advice on getting kids interested in paddle sports as well as how to make it safe and enjoyable for them. The second part is a refreshing and exciting insight into the world of paddling for and by kids.  It covers all aspects of paddling from safety to technique, from kids perspectives.  Because the movie introduces both beginning and advanced maneuvers, some should never be tried without advanced skills and adult supervision.

The children who watched Paddle Monster with me were very attentive.  They loved the silly paddle monster that popped out at random times throughout the movie.  Paddle Monster came at the perfect time because the following week our 6 year old and 8 year old got their first opportunity to kayak.  Now we definitely have our own Paddle Monsters!

Disclosure:  We received the Paddle Monster DVD for reviewThe opinions we have expressed are honest opinions and have not been influenced by the companies providing the free product.  No other compensation was received.