Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas books we LOVE!!!

Looking for a meaningful and extra special Christmas book for your little one that is bound to be a favorite for years to come?  Here are just a few of our favorites this year...

Mortimer's Christmas Manger, by Karma Wilson, and Jane Chapman, is an absolutely adorable book about the Christmas story from a mouse's perspective.  My kids love this one!

Humphrey's First Christmas, by Carol Heyer is a beautiful story with with wonderful illustrations and funny camel will absolutely love this one!

Alabaster's Song is a beautiful, imaginative story about an angel written by Max Lucado. This one has been a favorite in our house for a few years now.  There is also a DVD of this story and also board book version.

Does your family have a favorite Christmas story?  Post it here, we'd love to find more favorites! :)


Widge said...

I'm keen to check out the Max Lucado one! I don't think I've seen that before. Thanks for sharing :) just found your blog and going to have a looksy round

Ree said...

Thanks for stopping by,Widge! I think you like the book, it's really cute. :)

Erin said...

We just checked out the Mortimer book from the library - love it! You have such a nice blog - I found you from MBC!

Happy Sunday!