Sunday, October 18, 2009

Coupon Inspiration!

Need some good coupon inspiration?  Ever wonder if coupons are really worth the trouble?  Check out this  video clip about using coupons


Midnite Skys said...

the link didn't work.... But my dad is a coupon whiz. At first I thought that was a why to keep my moms spirit with him, but then I get divorced and have little income he was getting me the buy one get one free stuff, now I am again struggling with my hours being cut he brings me groceries and tell him I know he not in the best places to spend alot on my family, he tells me AND shows me the receipt that the fours bags he brought in costs him $1.25! One time it was $8 but that included a $14 bottle of Red Yeast Rice Powder for him... Oh yea he is the Coupon Whiz!

Ree said...

Wow, sounds like your dad knows what he's doing! :) You can really get tons of totally free stuff using coupons. Thanks for letting me know about the link...they must have removed it already. I replaced it with another one.