Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Review and Giveaway: Auto-B-Good: Pirates of the Parkway

Pros: Nicely animated, lovable characters, cute artwork, colorful, captivating, episodes are short

Cons: Episodes are short, can't think of any others.

Summary: If you are looking for cute kid DVD's with valuable life lessons woven into the storyline for home or classroom use, Auto-B-Good series is worth checking out!

Purchase: Auto-B-Good: Pirates of the Parkway here.

The dvd we reviewed (Pirates of the Parkway)has 5 episodes:

Car Tune Pirates (a story about honesty)

Up From the Depths (Joyfulness)

Digging for Gold (Cooperation)

And bonus episodes:
A Tidy Plan (Cleanliness)

Shop 'Til You Drop (Self-Control)

Our thoughts:
My kiddos love to watch movies! As a mama and a teacher, I love when movies are not only entertaining, but also teach valuable lessons.  This was a really nicely animated movie series with lovable, colorful  characters and great lessons to learn! My kids love the fact that the cars and trucks in Auto B Good are the main characters. This dvd kept the attention of all the kids in our house with ages ranging from 3-8 years old. Even my 3 year old was able to tell me about the movie afterwards and understood the lesson in the story.  She said, "It's not okay to take away from people when it doesn't belong to you". :) My girls said they especially liked the "girl cars" and the boys liked the "boy cars".  My 8 year old said that he especially like the episode, "Digging for Gold" because he liked the way all the cars worked together to help a friend.

Giveaway: Auto-B-Good is offering one Special Edition DVD: Auto-B-Good, Pirates of the Parkway to one lucky reader!

Disclosure:  We received Auto-B-Good: Pirates of the Parkway for reviewThe opinions we have expressed are honest opinions and have not been influenced by the companies providing the free product.  No other compensation was received.


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