Monday, February 21, 2011

Sick Day Activites For Kids...

Today we are home with lots of germs and sick kiddos. :o(  Although we would love to be out in the sunshine on a warm beach somewhere baking the germs away, it's cold here we are thinking up lots of fun activities to do inside, instead of watching TV.

Here are a few of our ideas...
  • Toy Car Wash:  Get a big basin of warm soapy water and clean sponges..  Add plastic toy cars or any plastic toys that could use washing and let kids wash and play.
  • Read stories together.
  • Make paint hand prints on paper and date and label them. (We never have enough of these and those little hands grow so quickly!)
  • Make a blanket tent in the living room..
  • String beads, macaroni or cheerios to make pretty necklaces and bracelets.
  • Play a game together.
  • Write a silly story and illustrate it together. 
  • Make a smoothie with fruit and yogurt
  • Paint fingernails and toenails
  • Fill a plastic container with snow to bring inside, put mittens on and play!
What do you like to do on sick days?  Please leave a comment, we'd love more ideas!


dealightfullyfrugal said...

Hope everyone will feel better soon. Two of us were sick this weekend. I love the idea of bringing in snow to play with inside.

mrs.shopper said...

too bad your kids are sickies. LIke your banner. Please follow me back @